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I Love You, 1962


Amazing Life-like Paintings of Book Spines

At first sight, these look like four photos of some books on a shelf, but they aren’t. They are four paintings. Amazingly detailed, incredibly like-life, paintings (click on each to see separately). They display all of the minute details, the tiny tears and faint creases, that well-loved books acquire over time. The artist is Paul Beliveau from Quebec, Canada.

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Night Life

San Francisco, from Twin Peaks.

This one isn’t an HDR - just a panorama from two straight RAW files, shot with the D800E. I’ve been getting into doing more RAW, less HDR lately - a shot with this much detail doesn’t really need any of what HDR has to offer.

This particular shot is odd in that I hadn’t intended to make it a panorama. In fact, the two source images were probably shot 15 minutes apart or so, with a bunch of other pictures taken in between. But I wasn’t satisfied with either on their own, and they ended up meshing as a panorama really well. Made it an easy choice.